SWOT 1.0

How do you make SWOT successful?

I have worked with the SWOT analysis for an endless amount of time and I have done that for various organizations. As an analysis tool, SWOT is easy to explain and understand. All those sessions gave me insight into how teams work together when using the SWOT. And how useful a SWOT analysis can be for organizations that are struggling with their identity and how they can then move forward in...

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SWOT: from analysis to targeted action

The result of a SWOT session SWOT has been around for a long time; you can't really get around it. Organizations often see it as an obligation in a plan or description of what an organization is doing. It is used to analyze the strategy. It supports an analysis of an organization or project. What are the strong points and where does an organization fail. In addition, the challenges and...

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How to use are weaknesses and threats

My experience with SWOT SWOT has been used as a strategic analysis tool in almost every industry since the 1960s. It cannot be otherwise than that SWOT is a very strong tool, at least that is my experience. In your daily work you sometimes lose sight of the overview. How are we doing? Where are our competitors? Where are our opportunities? How do we seize those opportunities? SWOT gives you...

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