Analysis, Goals and Action

A SWOT analysis is easy to work with. SWOT 2.0 builds on the SWOT analysis and is really different at the same time. In addition to an strategic analysis, it immediately yields concrete goals and a targeted action plan.

I will share the lessons I learned here. You can download eBooks to learn more.

The use of SWOT 2.0 is completely free. It is easy to work with, widely applicable and gives concrete results.

About SWOT 2.0

SWOT 2.0 is smarter because it delivers much more than just an analysis in the same amount of time.

It is better, because the outcome is much more concrete and motivating.

And it is also faster, important to stay ahead of the competition.

Concrete goals

Only if you know where you can be successful, where your opportunities lie and what your strengths are, you can beat the competition.

In SWOT 2.0 that is setting concrete goals. To stay ahead in a rapidly changing environment.

Which obstacles block the achievement of your goals?

Next day action

In an action plan you can easily indicate the priorities needed to change quickly. This way, in addition to an analysis, you also get goals and action.

An action plan is the basis for quickly implementing those changes. Immediately convert an analysis into targeted action. That’s what SWOT 2.0 is all about.

What do participants think of SWOT 2.0?

We asked those who had previously worked with a SWOT analysis, what they think of SWOT 2.0. You can try SWOT 2.0 yourself.

“The eBook was all we needed to get started with your new SWOT 2.0.”

“Ending with an action plan and being able to start work the following week: that helps us so much. Thanks for that!”

“SWOT 2.0 works great, because it motivates us to continue quickly and it ends positively.” 

Case: fast-growing production company

In recent years I have adapted the SWOT analysis more and more. This led to SWOT 2.0, a change tool with which organizations and their employees can get moving. In one of those cases, I was dealing with a medium-sized functional food...

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Differences between the old and new SWOT

SWOT 2.0 is used in a very targeted way, everyone knows exactly what it is about. However, the SWOT 1.0 is limited to an analysis and it is very unclear in advance what exactly it focuses on. The SWOT analysis has been used in more and...

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How StartUps can convert ideas into action?

Great ideas deserve great StartUps. There are many startups with insanely good ideas. Yet only 50% of these StartUps survive the first 5 years. And that is often not due to the unique ideas, products or services of those startups....

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SWOT 1.0

Analysis only

SWOT 2.0

Analysis, Goals and concrete Action Plan

SWOT 2.0

Analysis, Goals and Action.

SWOT 2.0 is easy to explain, gives concrete results and works quickly, it is the beginning of change process.

  • More than 80% wants as result more than a strategic analysis.
  • SWOT 2.0 quickly converts good strategies into concrete action.
  • SWOT 2.0 is more logical, more realistic and you can start the implementation the next day.
  • You can get participants to think much more focused about the subject from the beginning.
  • After Strengths and Opportunities (Potential) you define a series of concrete goals. That makes people enthusiastic and highly motivated.
  • The obstacles (weaknesses and threats) only relate to the jointly determined objectives.
  • Obstacles are immediately addressed by drawing up a concrete action plan.
  • By immediately drawing up a concrete action plan, you can get started the next day.
  • It ends in a positive mood: with an action plan, instead of the threats as in the original SWOT.

Download your SWOT Analysis eBook

Is the SWOT an effective tool?

After years of using SWOT 1.0 in all kinds of advisory processes, there is only one conclusion for me: the current SWOT approach needs a thorough review.

Here it is and completely free.

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